21st CE Radio presents | “Taking A Consumer Product To Market” | Aired Friday, January 22, 2016 at 12 NOON | Call us between 12 Noon and 1pm at 877-480-4120

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This Friday January 22 we will be airing another episode of “21st Century Entrepreneur” which is an Internet Radio Program aimed towards educating business owners and their advisors on how to make their businesses more successful and profitable.  It is a show hosted by JC Maldonado who is the CEO of BizGro Partners and Joan Pelzer, the founder of Joan Pelzer Media.  This week we will be discussing how to take a consumer product to market.  We will be joined by product development expert Eugene Seagriff who has helped develop over $3 Billion in sales for major brands such as Samsung and Panasonic as well taking to market products on behalf of small and middle market companies.  We will also be joined by Patent Attorney Patricia Werschulz who has her own successful legal practice in the New York and New Jersey area.

Further, we have had some interesting shows of late which have featured interviews with successful entrepreneurs.  To hear recorded versions of these shows, click on 21st Century Entrepreneur Archives.  Also feel free to chat about our show using hashtag #21stCE or #BizGroAlliance @BizGroPartners @21stCERadio.  Feel free to touch base with us if you have any questions by email at askbgp@bizgropartners.com.  You can also call us LIVE on the show at (877) 480-4120.

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