Management Team


JC Maldonado III

J.C. Maldonado III is the CEO of BizGro Partners.  J.C originally founded the predecessor entity, that evolved into BizGro, in the year 2000 as a Mergers and Acquisitions Intermediary firm that focused on helping small and middle market companies buy and sell companies.  Over the years J.C. and his partners saw that the clientele they served needed services that go beyond the scope of Investment Banking Services. He also saw that Baby Boomer owners in their 50s and 60s are more apt to hold on to their businesses and expand their companies as opposed to exiting and retiring. This marketplace dynamic further influenced the decision for BizGro to go from being an M&A firm to a full service Business Development firm.  J.C. has 16+ years’ experience in the Investment Banking Buy/Sell transaction arena, as well as, experience training, motivating, and managing salespeople. He has a J.D. from Fordham University and chose to go into business instead of practicing law.

Samuel A. MaldonadoSamuel A. Maldonado is the COO/Principal of BizGro Partners. Sam became a partner of the entity that evolved into BizGro in 2002. His core competencies are the area of financing M&A transactions and Business Valuation. He has directly participated in over 300 buy/sell transactions as an intermediary and has arranged over 200 debt and/or equity finance transactions in the process. He has also trained many business intermediaries on how to close M&A transactions and how to raise money to complete deals. He has testified in Court several times over the years to render his opinion on business valuation matters and continues to give business owners, lawyers, and accountants practical perspective on how to value a company. In addition, Sam has pioneered the Direct B2C Marketing platform utilized by BizGro Partners in order to develop Web Sales, Digital Media Outreach and eMarketing Strategies.  He has gone beyond the curve of IT applications and can assist any SMB with adopting a program useful for achieving sales in today’s modern day marketplace.  Sam attended Baruch College and majored in Finance.


Client Fulfillment Team


Gohar Orozco

Gohar Orozco serves as BizGro Partner’s Marketing Director.  She has extensive experience in sales and marketing. Her work experience ranges from B2B sales to finances. She holds an MBA in International Business from European University in Barcelona. She has lived and worked in different countries, speaks four languages fluently, and traveled the world extensively. While always keeping the “big picture” in mind, she is also very detail oriented and a little perfectionist. Easy going and personable, she makes everyone feel at ease from the beginning, and helps people succeed and move on to the next level in their businesses. Gohar joined BizGro in 2013.



BAN – The BizGro Alliance Network


Cynthia Greenwalt serves a Strategic Partner for the BizGro Alliance Network and provides coaching, consulting, and training to the network and its members.  A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Cynthia Greenawalt is a leading trainer, consultant, and professional coach on networking and developing social capital.  Determined to help businesses access the immense potential in their social capital, Cynthia was the founder of both the Fort Lauderdale and Miami franchises for BNI-Business Network International, the world’s largest referral networking organization and started and operated over 50 BNI chapters.  In addition, she co-founded the Referral Institute of South Florida, a major training resource for business professionals whose success thrives on networking and personal recommendations.  Cynthia founded Sea Change Networking to address the demand for a senior level networking venue for developing high-value alliance building and mastering the principles behind her core methodology, The Science and Art of Breakthrough Networking.  Contributing author of the New York Times bestseller, Masters Of Networking, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Masters Of Success, Cynthia provides business leaders with access to extraordinary results by developing their social capital and increasing their return on relationships.