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BizGro Partners is currently using Seminars/Educational workshops as a branding and lead generation tool in the territories it covers. Each Seminar is designed to educate entrepreneurs, business advisors, and executives regarding business development issues that affect the business environment. We are currently in the process of conducting Seminars in every territory we operate in.

A typical Seminar has the following format:

  1. It’s a free event that includes free dinner, beer, and wine.
  2. Is held at a hotel, catering hall, country club, or a professional office suite.
  3. Is an evening event that is held from 5:30pm to 8pm.
  4. 5:30pm to 6:30pm involves networking/dinner.
  5. From 6:30pm to 7:30pm, a presentation is made.
  6. 7:30pm to 7:45pm features questions and answers.
  7. 7:45pm to 8pm involves last minute networking and reconnecting.

Most BizGro Partners Seminars will typically have 50 to 150 attendees. The amount of attendees will normally be influenced by the Seminar’s topic. Attendees will include highly successful entrepreneurs in BizGro’s target market, as well as established attorney, accountants and other influential business advisors and consultants. BizGro Partners is capable of filling out a room due to its ever-expanding database and influence in its target market and overall business community.

Typical Seminar topics will include:

  1. How to Grow Sales
  2. How to Make Profitable Business Acquisitions
  3. Strategies for Raising Capital
  4. How to Implement Winning Negotiations Strategies
  5. How to Manage Processes and Data through the use of Technology.
  6. The Fundamentals of Developing a Successful Brand.
  7. How to Increase a Business’s Enterprise Value.
  8. Other Topics related to Business Development

BizGro Partners has developed a sponsoring program that enables a company to participate in a Seminar with BizGro Partners. There are two types of a sponsors:

  1. Primary Sponsor
  2. Co-Sponsor

A Primary Sponsor will have the following privileges:

  1. The ability to have a booth/table display.
  2. 10 minutes to present their company to attendees.
  3. Will receive formal recognition and an endorsement from BizGro Partners.
  4. A reserved table of up to 10 guests.

A C-sponsor will have the following privileges:

  1. The ability to have a booth/table display
  2. A reserve table of up to 5 guests
  3. Formal recognition as a Sponsor in front of the audience

The initial investment required for sponsors include the following:

Primary Sponsor: $3,500

Co-Sponsor: $2,000

Each Seminar will normally include 1 primary sponsor and up to 3 co-sponsors.

The advantages of being a BizGro Partners Seminar/Educational Workshop Sponsor:

  1. Ability to generate leads and procure high quality clients
  2. Brand Recognition
  3. Developing valuable networking contacts
  4. Develop an association with BizGro Partners that has a database of 5,000 businesses that they have influence with.
  5. The ability to participate in future events and participate in the writing of blogs and other publications that are promoted by BizGro Partners.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, call 201-496-6931 or email us at