BizGro Alliance Network


The BizGro Alliance Network (“BAN”) is an affiliate of BizGro Partners, and in New York City brings together alliance groups  of business owners, professionals, executives, and high performance sales executives that meet  twice per month for networking  and for training in core competencies such as sales, marketing, leadership, management, negotiations, communication, and capital raising. An average BizGro Alliance group consists of 30 members where there is no duplication in the business line of each member and who benefit from meeting with other business leaders who are able to introduce them to their contacts with the goal of helping each other grow their business.

Meetings take twice per month from 8a.m. to 10:00a.m. in a convenient Manhattan  location. One meeting each month is dedicated to networking and acquainting each member with all of the members to build awareness of each member’s business needs and unique characteristics that will enable each member to be a resource for referrals, suppliers, advisors, and other types of business connections. A second meeting is dedicated to entrepreneurial training in which there will be a guest speaker to make a presentation regarding a topic related to business development.  These presentations help the BizGro Alliance members increase their core competency, skills, and awareness which will grow their business.

Finally, all BizGro Alliance Network members will receive periodic, ongoing training on how to become a more effective networker which will help members manage their social capital; a critical skill for business success.  These skills cannot only help members interact within their BizGro Alliance group, but will help them effectively network within their individual business and personal circles.


Benefits for becoming a BizGo Alliance Network member:

  • Exceptional venue for networking and alliance building.

  • Training and education aimed towards helping you grow your book of business.

  • Ongoing networking training aimed towards increasing your networking skills.

  • Periodic meetings with other Business Alliance groups.

  • Opportunities to become a part of our leadership council which will further expose your business in a positive manner.

  • Becoming a part of the BizGro Partner network which consists of highly successful and well established entrepreneurs in all different types of B2B industries.

We are accepting applications from those who wish to become members. To receive more information on how to become a member, please email us at  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to become a member of New York City’s leading networking organization.