Internet Radio- 21st Century Entrepreneur | “How To Build A Personal Brand in 2015” | Aired Friday, October 2, 2015 at 12 NOON

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This Friday October 2 we will be airing another episode of “21st Century Entrepreneur” which is an Internet radio program aimed towards educating business owners and their advisors on how to make their businesses more successful and profitable.  It is a show hosted by JC Maldonado who is the CEO of BizGro Partners and Joan Pelzer, the founder of Joan Pelzer Media.  This week we will be interviewing  Jane Tabachnick who has expertise in the area of public relations and branding.  Jane’s full bio is below.  We will be discussing how to build a personal brand in 2015.  In particular we will be discussing modern day strategies on how to promote oneself as a personal brand.

Further, we have had some interesting shows of late which have featured interviews with successful entrepreneurs.  To hear recorded versions of these shows, click on 21st Century Entrepreneur Archives.  Feel free to touch base with us if you have any questions at


Jane Tabachnick  Bio


Jane Tabachnick is digital public relations and marketing strategist and mentor.  She brings 20 years of experience working with savvy entrepreneurs and business owners to position them as the top expert in their niche, create greater visibility and buzz, which helps them easily attract and close more of their ideal customers.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Jane has been instrumental in creating programs, courses and tools to empower entrepreneurs with up to date knowledge and resources so that they can succeed.  She is the creator of the Sustainable Design Entrepreneur’s Program at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, where she is also an adjunct professor.

Jane was honored with a Galaxy Award for her work with women entrepreneurs, and has been named one of the Top 100 People Online by FastCompany.  Jane and her clients have been featured or quoted in, Clickz, Crains, ABC, CBS, The NY Enterprise Report, The Star Ledger, Environmental Leader, CNN, Houston Magazine, Spa Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily and many other media outlets.  Authority Bar plug-in, Instant Pressroom plug-in, and Easy Author One Sheets are a few of the do it yourself marketing and publicity tools that Jane has created.

Jane is the founder of Simply Good Press, a publishing house that helps experts become published, bestselling authors.  She is the author of Publicity for Introverts.  She has completed the Dublin [Ireland] Marathon, and is working on perfecting gluten free baking in her spare time.

Download her free report from her website : Proven Publicity Tips for the Spotlight Shy

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