Internet Radio- 21st Century Entrepreneur | “How to Negotiate Legal Contracts” | Aired Friday, November 6, 2015 at 12 NOON

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This Friday November 6 we will be airing another episode of “21st Century Entrepreneur” which is an Internet Radio Program aimed towards educating business owners and their advisors on how to make their businesses more successful and profitable.  It is a show hosted by JC Maldonado who is the CEO of BizGro Partners and Joan Pelzer, the founder of Joan Pelzer Media.  This week we will begin November’s Theme of “Business and the Law.”  This Friday we will be discussing how to negotiate legal contracts.  We will discuss this theme with Nina Kaufman who has both a background as a business owner and attorney.  See her bio below.

Further, we have had some interesting shows of late which have featured interviews with successful entrepreneurs.  To hear recorded versions of these shows, click on 21st Century Entrepreneur Archives.  Also feel free to chat about our show using hashtag #21stCE or #BizGroAlliance @BizGroPartners @21stCERadio.  If you have any questions email us at

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Because having a business isn’t just about making good money.  That’s a lesson that small business champion and legal expert Nina Kaufmanlearned the hard way.  She’s no ordinary business attorney. Forbes Magazine calls her “One of the 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting about Entrepreneurship.”  The U.S. Small Business Administration named her their regional Women in Business Champion of the Year.  As a trusted thought leader, she reaches over 2 million readers each month on  She’s also a Mets fan by marriage and former stand-up comic.

 To her dismay, Nina found out that the business she’d spent over 10 years pouring her heart, soul, and savings into wasn’t worth a dime when she was ready to move on.  The moral of the story?  It’s really all about creating freedom.  Having options.  Building a life.

 She has a particular passion for showing owners of service businesses how to build, grow, and sell their companies—by getting them to function without you.  You can get a free copy of her special report on “10 Steps to a Million Dollar Business” at

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