Internet Radio- 21st Century Entrepreneur | “Strategies For Retaining Existing Customers” | Aired Friday, September 18, 2015 at 12 NOON

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This Friday September 18 we will be airing another episode of “21st Century Entrepreneur” which is an Internet radio program aimed towards educating business owners and their advisors on how to make their businesses more successful and profitable.  It is a show hosted by JC Maldonado who is the CEO of BizGro Partners and Joan Pelzer, the founder of Joan Pelzer Media.  This week we will be interviewing Charles Bernard who is the CEO of Criteria For Success.  Charles has expertise in the area of sales and marketing.  We will be specifically discussing strategies on how to retain and sell to existing customers.  Charles’s full bio and picture is below.

Further, we have had some interesting shows of late which have featured interviews with successful entrepreneurs.  To hear recorded versions of these shows, click on 21st Century Entrepreneur Archives.  Feel free to touch base with us if you have any questions at

Charles Bernard, CEO

Charles Bernard brings over 20 years experience in direct sales, sales management, recruiting and training.  As a sales executive for General Electric, Charles was the top revenue producer in his division.

He founded and operates Criteria for Success (CFS), a sales improvement training and Sales PlayBook development company based in Manhattan.

Charles is also a Sales Keynote Speaker.

Since 2000, Criteria for Success has helped companies significantly increase annual revenues – averaging over 25% by optimizing their sales people’s performance and their sales systems.

CFS focuses on resolving these top company challenges:
1. Poor Prospecting (especially using Social Media)
2. Salespeople not having a comprehensive company-wide system for selling
3. Poor time management

Charles was born in Madrid, Spain and educated in Surrey, England. He is a triathlete, avid scuba diver, hiker, and racquetball player.

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