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Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

My name is Dr. Serena Goldstein and I’m here to help you restore your body’s “natural rhythm” (you know –  that thing nature has down pat, but that your body refuses to acknowledge).
I’m dedicated to you because…
Not so long ago I went through it ALL! And it felt like an eternity while I was in the thick of it! Middle school, high school, college, med school- nearly fainted in class from the kickboxing session in my uterus, became Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde when PMS-ing, acne temporarily tamed yet unresponsive to any prescriptions or drug store washes or cover-up, plus weight gain. My hormones had the best of me and I tried every fad under the sun to “fix it”, but my health still worsened.
I was so frustrated.
I saw a Naturopathic Doctor in med school to naturally heal, but deep down I really wanted a magic pill to make me beautiful, carefree, and glowing. But true changes and restoring health don’t typically happen overnight. So I practiced patience and began to make changes in my diet, exercise and supplements.

I began to find my rhythm, throw away my cover-up, heating pads, Midol, and face washes. Weight naturally melted because I was taking care of myself- honoring the rhythms of mind and body. BEST PART- those changes are still present! I don’t have to cancel plans when Aunt Flo visits, and I truly feel like a glowing beam of health.

When I work with patients with hormone related concerns, such as low libido, hot flashes/warm spells, ‘weight gain without changing diet’, they say ‘it’s normal’ or ‘part of life.’ Our body is too efficient to accept such a reductionistic approach to solely replacing hormones before we even begin to understand where the dysfunction originates.

I’ve made it my life’s work to help you decode your symptoms and provide individualized treatment plans of Naturopathic therapies that will balance your natural rhythm and address the underlying cause of your imbalances.


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