ARCHIVED November 4, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | Finding Your Other Half | Call us (877) 480-4120

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How do you find help for your business (or as Alice Chin calls it…YOUR OTHER HALF)?
Alice and her YOUR OTHER HALF team want to remove burdens, and their products and services are built to give small business owners actionable clarity and leave them feeling empowered and educated to make the right choice for their business.

Your Other Half believes anyone with a spectacular idea, commitment and drive can contribute to the world through their own business. Our passion is finding creative and comprehensive solutions for our clients’ business needs so they can focus with excitement and energy on their core business.

Alice W. Chin
Founder & CEO, Your Other Half

Alice’s passion is working with super talented people to bring their ideas to reality. She exists in the world as a puzzle and problem solver, who thrives when creating structure out of chaos. Alice revels in managing a project, breaking it down into actionable pieces, connecting and directing people, anticipating and resolving problems, and bringing the project to a close successfully, peacefully, on-time and on-budget.

A graduate of Barnard College, Alice recognized her talent for managing people and projects while serving in leadership roles in the Columbia University undergraduate art community. After graduation, this talent became her passion as she applied her problem-solving brain to event production, project management and business operations as an independent consultant at IDEO, Miami Ad School and Hard Candy Shell, while developing her people management skills in Human Resources roles at Newsweek and Institute of Play.

Today, Alice is thrilled to own and operate Your Other Half, bringing together her Human Resources and operations expertise with her project management talent to help innovators bring their ideas into the world. She is happily married, proud puppy parent of a nine pound Havanese, an amateur cook with a fondness for local produce, and a life-long fervent reader.


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