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Directing you to the best in business practice

GUEST Entrepreneur in the Trenches:
Edward Sanders

Directed OnlineDirect: 212.792.5507
Mobile: 917.589.8900

This week we’re going back to Entrepreneur in the Trenches and meeting Edward Sanders, Founder of Directed Online. Ed is a consummate professional who is passionate about helping others, providing advice without asking what’s in it for him and connecting people. Ed’s statement is: If the advice leads you to make a business decision that is correct for your business then I have earned my keep.
Edward Sanders is an intuitive and resourceful specialist who provides solutions when you have a complex project with many components. Ed’s goals are to understand your requirements then streamline the processes while maintaining your budget. Ed provides solutions for Print, Marketing, Creative, Direct Mail, Promos and any Office Supply you may require. All these services are combined through advanced on line portals compatible with any phone, tablet or computer.Ed’s approach stems from his upbringing, instilled by his Dad Martin’s teachings – he taught Ed to perform a service better than anyone else and success would come. Following these principles; in 1980 is where Ed’s genesis began: First as a Pressman/Production Manager, then a certified e-marketer and finally a business consultant.Free Thinking + Intelligence + Local/Global who Believe” try us on your next project
Directed Online’s sole purpose is to provide innovative solutions based on your business requirements. We simply direct people and companies to the best in business practice for print, design, marketing, office & facility services. We combine the latest innovative-technologies, expertise with strategic national – global partnerships to provide your firm sustainable solutions.


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