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Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan
Co-Founder | Cinder Cone Media, LLC
Creator/Host | Zeta Global Radio
President, Fem City ABQ | Lifetime Global Member

Cinder Cone Media Worldwide is a conscious media company that utilizes the power of music, film, radio and art to affect change in the world.  Cinder Cone is the parent company of The LAB Recording Studio, Cinder Cone Records, Zeta Global Radio, Art Groove – Free Your Mind & Shine and Cinder Cone Worldwide Events.

With over 30 years in the entertainment industry working in a variety of capacities, Lainie brings her talents and skills to Cinder Cone Media, LLC and ZGR, Zeta Global Radio.
Cinder Cone Media, LLC, based out of New Mexico, USA, is a multi media organization – Record Label, Owners of The Lab Recording Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico and representatives in marketing and promotions to musicians, filmmakers, authors and worldwide/national special events. Cinder Cone Media, LLC is also the North American partner to Zeta Global Group UK, with additional partner affiliates in China and Nepal. She is also the host of ZGR, Zeta Global Radio, a visionary platform for spiritual journalists launching soon. ZGR is an internet based radio show and will have a worldwide audience that focuses on the clients and events of ZGR, the affiliate companies and worldwide spiritual events, causes, current issues in the news, and interviews of conscious filmmakers and musicians moving the world forward. The Lab, is New Mexico’s hottest recording studio for recording songs, full length albums, commercials, voice/over reels and serves as the base for the ZGR radio show.

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