Contract Consulting

BizGro Partners now offers entrepreneurs specific one on one consulting services on a contractual basis for the purposes of organizing a company’s internal operations so that it can enter into a growth execution phase and use one of BizGro’s solutions to grow their company. Oftentimes external growth is impossible without first organizing a business’s internal processes, financials, and data. BizGro, through its expansive network of in-house and independent consultants in various specialty areas, can assist its clients with the following:


  1. Strategic Planning including the development of a business growth plan, mission, vision, brand, and business model.

  2. The implementation of Data Management and technology that is necessary to control a business’s systems and processes.

  3. Financial Reporting and Bookkeeping processes that aimed towards managing a company’s money.

  4. Cleaning up and representing a business’s financials so that our client can raise money, buy another company, or even sell the company successfully.

  5. The exploration of Supplier and Sourcing options so that the business can cut the cost of sales and operate with affordable labor.

  6. Guiding the client with regard how they should present their company to customers, employees, and through its web presence.

All consulting services are charged by the hour and are delivered on a contractual basis that lasts anywhere from 90 days to one year. The purpose of these services is to bridge our client into one of our core solutions that are aimed towards growing a business organically or through the execution of strategic deals.



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