Strategic Corporate Transactions

Our clients can grow their businesses and increase their wealth through corporate strategic transactions in the form of transactions, alliances, or relationships.  We facilitate the following corporate strategic transaction services for our valued clients:

  1. Sell Side Representation (Sale of Business, Partial Sale of Business)
  2. Buy Side Representation (Business Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships-Alliances)
  3. Capital Raises

a. Larger Corporate Entities
b. Venture Capital
c. Private Equity Groups
d. Going Public
e. Debt Financing


1) Sell Side Representation |Sale of Business, Partial Sale of Business|

With this service, we act as a professional agent on behalf of business owners who are in the market to sell their business. We have a specific process that assures the clients we represent their desired results.  Our service process includes valuing the business, identifying potential acquirers, and conducting a professional auction process that will result in our clients receiving the best deal possible.  We help create wealth for our clients by converting an intangible, illiquid asset, “Our Client’s Business,” with unpredictable asset value into cash, notes, or stock which is tangible, more liquid and predictable.  Once this asset is converted, the value it has can be fully secured or re-invested for either conservative or aggressive returns.



2) Buy Side Representation |Business Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships-Alliances|

With this service, we act as a professional agent on behalf of acquirers of businesses.  These acquirers include either businesses looking to expand via acquisition or individuals looking to purchase an income stream.  Our process is geared to creating deal options for our clients and making an acquisition that fits their objectives and goals.  Our service includes establishing an acquisition criteria, conducting a professional business search, assessing target business’  value, raising debt and/or equity financing for a purchase, conducting financial and operations due diligence, negotiating the terms of any given transaction, preparing all contractual paperwork, and facilitating a closing.  For our individual clients who buy a business not related to their current profession or business, we create wealth by helping them purchase an asset that produces income and that has the potential to appreciate in value assuming our client improves the earnings and profitability of the business acquired. With regard to our business clients who make strategic acquisitions related to their business model, they can grow his/her business’s sales, buying power, product/service mix, profitability and growth potential which will increase the business’s overall enterprise value.  With the acquisition includes other intangible business assets such as key employees, key customer relationships, special product lines and distribution channels.  These clients can also increase their return on investment (ROI) by cutting expenses associated with target business.




3) Capital Raises

We help select companies raise capital to achieve their growth and expansion goals.  To qualify for our service, the company must be financeable via banks or lenders or the business itself must be profitable with enormous upside potential to grow.  On select occasions, we can raise capital on behalf of newer start-up type companies with an interesting business model or product that lends itself to eventually become a big company.  We call these businesses “Big Idea Businesses.”   Capital raises, when accomplished effectively, can dramatically increase the wealth and earnings of our business owner clients.  Our services in this area include business plan preparation, identifying Investor candidates, and assisting our client in negotiating a favorable transaction.



We have 5 strategies to raise capital on behalf of our clients


1) Larger Corporate Entities_We help businesses raise money by identifying and enticing  larger competitors or larger companies with complimentary products and services to invest in our client’s business.  Oftentimes, our client can benefit  from both the operational and financial resources of a larger company and can serve as a division of such an outfit if the terms and conditions of a transaction are attractive.


2) Venture Capital_Here we raise institutional capital through Venture Capital Firms who are looking to invest in “Big Idea Businesses,” that have unforeseen technology that could change the marketplace.  Our service includes business plan preparation, arranging meetings, and negotiating terms with the firms who demonstrate interest in our clients.


3) Private Equity Groups_We can help a client sell a large part of his business to a Private Equity Group who will in turn serve as a financial partner to our client and fund all future growth activities.  Our business owner client usually retains part ownership of the business and participates in the management of the company.  The Private Equity Strategy is normally only available to existing businesses that are producing over $1MM in earnings.  Private Equity groups are like Venture Capital firms. However, they generally buy into mid size existing businesses and having a cutting-edge technology is not a prerequisite to invest.


4) Going Public_We can help a company go public either by helping them become a member of one of the bulletin boards from scratch via an S-1 filing or via a reverse merger into a public shell .  This strategy is excellent for companies with significant earnings (over $1MM) and with growth potential or companies who have a product or business idea that can be funded and built into a large company.  The owner, however, must have the desire to build a larger business in order for this strategy to become effective.


5) Debt Financing_We can help a company borrow money via banks and private lenders for growth and cash flow purposes.  The types of loans we sell include Lines of credit, Business Acquisition Loans, Commercial Property Acquisition Loans, Equipment Sale Leaseback, and Factoring/Accounts Receivables financing.


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