Why An Outbound Marketing Approach Is Crucial For Growing A B2B Company

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With the advent of internet marketing and social media venues and the recent rapid decline of traditional marketing venues such as the local newspaper, direct mail and the yellow pages, the landscape of marketing opportunities leaves the average entrepreneur rather confused as to what direction to head in.

At BizGro Partners, we strongly believe that outbound marketing (calling a prospect in your target market, setting up a face to face meeting, building a relationship, and following up over time) is the best way for B2B companies to systematically generate new customers or clients on an ongoing basis. This process of proactively seeking out relationships with potential customers in your target market provides consistent, measurable results in business growth that can stand the test of time.



A B2B business is simply any business that sells a product or service to other business entities. One of the best ways to generate new business for a B2B company is through referrals. It is important to note that we recognize that customer or client referrals are always the easiest way to create new business. But before you can get lots of customer and outside referrals, you need credibility and lots of happy customers first. And even after you have credibility, it is hard to predict and measure when referrals will come in and is hard to base any significant growth strategies around referrals. From our view, referrals should be the gravy on a delicious foundation of meat.



Outbound Marketing  is a process  aimed towards building relationships in your target market. It will include an initial call, a face to face meeting or a well ran conference call, scheduled follow up calls, subsequent meetings, and an eventual sale. This process can be consummated by the use of telemarketers, salespeople, sales consultants, or the owners themselves.



Like anything business is still all about relationships and the process of outbound marketing is nothing more than a relationship building process aimed towards building goodwill in your target market.  If a decision maker feels like he or she has a relationship with you, he is more apt to buy, especially if the value of what is being sold is competitive in the market place.



For the B2B company advertisements in media publications, the yellow pages or even online advertising normally is a waste of money because how companies typically arrive to the decision of choosing a vendor; decision makers with commercial entities usually rely on relationships and recommendations to choose a supplier, rather responding to ads in media publications or the Internet. Nevertheless, the internet can be a wonderful tool for selling to another company.

A well- orchestrated website, a strong SEO presence, along with a social media contact management strategy can help convert leads into clients and can help better communicate with potential clients overtime. However, what we are talking about is the strategy necessary to generate short term leads. It is important to differentiate your marketing and selling strategies. Marketing generates the lead while selling converts leads into sales.


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