An import export business is a company that facilitates trades of goods and commodities between domestic and foreign companies.  In other words, it’s a company that buys goods internationally and ships them in for domestic purchases and vise versa.

With the demise of Manufacturing in the U.S., most companies that purport themselves to be manufacturers are simply companies that import goods in semi complete form from oversees, and simply assemble and package products to be distributed to wholesalers and retailers here in the United States.  Other companies simply import goods in its complete form from other countries and resell the goods in the U.S.  Yet, there are another set of companies that distribute American goods to other countries. 

BizGro likes to invest in Import/Export businesses because the process of assembling and distributing goods across the world in a timely and as needed basis is an important service in an economic environment. 

Here are 2 links defining Import/Export businesses and outlining its importance in today’s world


Import/Export For DUMMIES


IMAGE LINK- Import Defined

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