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Brittany Bruno

Director of Marketing & Administration

Brittany Bruno has over 18 years of experience assisting with the work of high-achieving executives, including 6 years as a restaurant General Manager. As a manager, she implemented an inventory software system that achieved positive growth in the company’s bottom line. Brittany pinpoints businesses that are assessed for potential investment by BizGro Partners. Using her expertise in navigating and structuring information, she maintains a standardized digital document framework for the organization.

Brittany was raised in California and Florida. She now resides in West Palm Beach with her 5 children where she spends her free time using her passion for cooking to grow a small business that makes a variety of jams and jellies.

Malissa Park

Director of Finance

Malissa is a highly experienced professional with over a decade in financial management and accounting. She excels in developing efficient processes that enhance data accuracy and productivity. With a keen eye for detail, Malissa is a skilled auditor, adept at transforming complex information into actionable insights.

Malissa’s expertise extends to crafting effective accounting protocols that improve compliance, enhance financial projections, and streamline reporting. Her proficiency in cash flow analysis, budget creation, and WIP reporting is matched by her academic background, which includes a master’s in accounting and a bachelor’s in public communication.

Malissa’s diverse experience spans office management, client services, and liaison roles, showcasing her adaptability and exceptional communication skills. She takes pride in delivering quantifiable results, such as achieving a 20% increase in efficiency on multiple projects. Malissa’s unique combination of skills and qualifications makes her a valuable asset for any financial team or project.

Peter Cafiero

Board Manager

Peter Cafiero is the President of a large Commercial Painting & Waterproofing Contractor- one of the leading painting contractors in NYC. 

Peter is a third-generation painter with over thirty years of experience in the industry.  Mr. Cafiero is actively involved in the painting industry through his membership in numerous trade associations. Peter is President of the Association of Master Painters and Decorators of New York, Inc., on the Board of Governors of the Building Trades Employers’ Association and is a National Trustee of the Finishing Trades Institute. He is also a Vistage member- one of the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organizations for small and midsize business leaders. 

     Peter acquired a Commercial HVAC Construction Company, located in NJ, with BizGro Partners in 2020. He also has stakeholder interests in one other BizGro portfolio company located in Northern Florida.

Anthony Murolo

Board Manager

Anthony Murolo is an innovative and performance-driven entrepreneur with a passion for accounting with over 40 years of experience in managing all aspects of business development. Mr. Murolo possess the ability to work and remain calm under pressure, he has excellent leadership skills and great management skills. He has a background as a CFO and real estate developer. 

In 2017, Tony acquired a Full Service Commercial and Residential Landscaping Company, located in western Pennsylvania, with BizGro Partners. 

In 2020, he again joined forces with BizGro to acquire a Pool Construction and Service Company located in Southeast FL. Tony provides executive support to both the landscaping and pool companies.

Joe Galan

Board Participant

Joe Galan along with his partner Lisa sold a majority interest of their pool company to BizGro Partners, Inc., in 2020 and subsequently in March 2022 participated in the acquisition of another pool company, located in Southeast Florida.

Joe is currently sitting on the Board of Directors for both companies and providing top line management and executive support. 

Joe is happily married to Lisa Galan for 28+ years now with three beautiful children.  

He is a loving grandfather to three wonderful grandchildren and counting.

Daniel Perlmutter

Board Participant

Daniel partnered with BizGro Partners, Inc., in 2019 and participated in acquiring a Wholesale Distributor and Installer of various building supplies for the General Construction market in NYC. Daniel is currently President of the Wholesale Distributor Company, he is responsible for running the business day to day.

In 2022, he again joined forces with BizGro, to acquire a Door Manufacturing Company located in Longwood, Florida. He is also currently sitting on the Board of Directors for the Door Manufacturing Company.

Lisa Galan

Board Participant

Lisa Galan along with her partner Joe sold a majority interest of their pool company to BizGro Partners, Inc., in 2020 and subsequently participated in the acquisition of another pool company, located in Southeast Florida, in March of 2022.

Lisa Galan is currently serving as the CEO that oversees the executive team at both pool companies.

Lisa has 35 years of executive experience. Her effectiveness as a communicator, strategist, and negotiator has influenced many and has allowed her to build strong teams that with her guidance and expertise think creatively- outside the box. Her visionary skills, and capacity to understand, and utilize technology have greatly helped the company to always stay ahead of the competition. 

Mrs. Galan is a member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association as well as a member of the National Plasterers Council.

Lisa is happily married to Joe Galan for 28+ years now with three beautiful children.  

She is a loving grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren and counting.

Israel Brown

Board Participant

Israel is the President and Chief Executive Officer of a Wood Framing Sub Specialty Construction Company in the Greater Atlanta Georgia market. Prior to his current role, Israel served as a project manager for a renowned General Contractor. He also served in the Georgia Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer Commander for the (OIF 08-09).  He led 104 combat engineers into combat and conducted Route Clear and Route Reconnaissance in Iraq, Baghdad.  In his role of President/CEO, he is responsible for general supervision and control of all business and affairs of the company. 

He is a faithful servant and donor to Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb, where he has served as a board member for five years, and its mission is “to spread the love of Christ by providing quality healthcare to those in need.” 

Israel is a life learner and a strong advocate for continuing education and personal growth.  In 2015 and 2016, Israel attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  He attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 2019.  Israel is also a founding member of an Executive Peer Vistage Group. 

In 2022, Israel partnered with BizGro to acquire an Environmental Services Company located in Colorado.

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