Creating Business Growth & Opportunity With Ease

BizGro Partners is a Business Development & Investment  Firm that has helped small and medium sized businesses grow, expand and/or transition for over a decade with a proven track record of success.

We achieve our clients’ growth objectives by through:


  • Completing Business Acquisitions On Behalf of Our Client
  • Directly Funding Business Acquisition Opportunities
  • Acquiring Majority Interests in Our Clients So We Can Finance and Manage Future Growth

At BizGro Partners, we help our clients establish a business acquisition criteria, identify business acquisition opportunities on their behalf, help structure and negotiate the transaction, perform due diligence, and either directly fund or raise outside capital needed to complete the acquisition.

Through our service and growth methodology, it would not be unusual for our client to double or triple the size and profitability of the business without having to use any of its own capital.

Finally, in select cases, we acquire a majority interest in our client and become its Financial Partner so that we can fund, manage, and facilitate future growth for the business. We also serve as a consultant for many of our clients who are looking to position and organize themselves to grow through our business acquisition methodology.


Today, our typical business clients have the following characteristics:


  • Located in the USA
  • Produce $500,000 to $100,000,000 in sales.
  • Produce $300,000 to $2,000,000 in net earnings.
  • 10 to 100 employees
  • Have solid history of demonstrable profitability or potential profitability.
  • Have business owners with significant net worth or owners who wish to achieve significant net worth.
  • Have owners who plan to either exit their business, grow their business in a substantial manner and/or are always looking to increase the asset value of their business.
  • Have integrity and a good reputation for service.

About Us

Products/ Services

Our company currently has 2 concentrations:


Strategic Corporate Transactions
Our Corporate Strategic Transaction clients are businesses looking to grow through the procurement of some sort of transaction, alliance, or relationship.  These transactions are all interrelated in scope and require the same type of financial and marketing expertise to execute.


Contract Consulting
BizGro Partners now offers entrepreneurs specific one on one consulting services on a contractual basis for the purposes of organizing a company’s internal operations so that it can enter into a growth execution phase and use one of BizGro’s solutions to grow their company. Oftentimes external growth is impossible without first organizing a business’s internal processes, financials, and data. BizGro, through its expansive network of in-house and independent consultants in various specialty areas.

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BizGro Alliance Network

BizGro Partners presents BAN - The BizGro Alliance Network | NYC's premier networking organization. The BizGro Alliance Network (“BAN”) is an affiliate of BizGro Partners, and in New York City brings together alliance groups of business owners, professionals, executives, and high performance sales executives that meet twice per month for networking and for training in core competencies such as sales, marketing, leadership, management, negotiations, communication, and capital raising. An average BizGro Alliance group consists of 30 members where there is no duplication in the business line of each member and who benefit from meeting with other business leaders who are able to introduce them to their contacts with the goal of helping each other grow their business.


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Resource Center

BizGro Partners is experienced in helping companies reach their full potential.  By engaging with many different companies, across many different industries, we’ve acquired a helpful base of business strategy and knowledge.  Our BizGro Partner’s Blog is a great resource for those individuals and companies looking to stay current in the areas of marketing, sales, business growth, and much more. In addition to the blog, we have a radio show every Friday from 12pm to 1pm to help lay the foundation for your business’s success through interviewing and discussing topics with prominent regional business owners.


Check out the list of full resources below:


  • Our BizGro Partners Blog

    On a weekly basis, we publish a Blog titled “The 21st Century Entrepreneur” that educates the business community on various business topics that can help entrepreneurs and their advisors raise their awareness and give them key strategies for growing their company. 

  • 21st Century Entrepreneur Radio Show

    Our CEO, JC Maldonado co-hosts a new Internet Radio program with the same title and aim as our blog/newsletter.

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor
  • Events

    BizGro holds seminars, networking functions, and its internet radio programs regularly for the purposes of providing education and opportunity to its clients, affiliates, and the community of business people we serve. Click on Events for schedules and times.


Click Here to Contact Us or Call Us Today at 201-496-6931

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Affiliate Companies

BizGro Partners in the process of developing a client base over the years, has taken an equity interest in several companies in which its principals had a belief in and was willing to invest labor, expertise, knowledge and/or capital in exchange for part ownership. We take pride in being an entrepreneurial company that serves entrepreneurs and have developed healthy business partnerships over the years. A typical business partnership with BizGro requires us to provide the following services in conjunction on behalf of our partners on an as needed basis:

  • - Capital Support
  • - Management Assistance
  • - Marketing & Sales Support
  • - Identifying Strategic Transaction Opportunities
  • - Guidance and Advice
  • - Strategic Planning Assistance


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LIVE September 23, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | PR & Marketing Unleashed | Call us (877) 480-4120

Guest: Ed Katz, Katnip Marketing The Art of Creative Collaboration - what does it mean to work in collaboration with others on a creative venture such as theater. We'll talk about this with our guest Ed Katz, Katnip Marketing, who is a marketing expert and producer. Our Co-Hosts JC and Joan will talk with Ed about how and why collaboration has recently emerged as the defining characteristic of creativity and growth in nearly all sectors and industries. Some of the biggest breakthroughs happen when networks of self-motivated people with a collective vision join together and share ideas, information, and work. About Ed Katz Ed Katz is a marketing expert with experience developing and executing successful strategic branding, marketing and media plans that achieve and exceed client goals and get measurable results. Ed is also on the producing team of "The King's Speech"- the play- which recently completed a critically acclaimed run in London and expects to bring it to
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ARCHIVED September 16, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | The Value of An Internet Radio Show | Call us (877) 480-4120

This week we will be discussing the value of an Internet Radio show or Podcast and how one can use it in their business or as a business. We will be interviewing Rob Kaye and Cali Alpert who host a Radio Show known as the Rob & Cali show which is an Internet Radio program on Modern Day Culture. The Rob and Cali Show - By Rob Kaye and Cali Alpert JC and Joan were guests on   The Rob and Cali Show in July and now it's time to turn the tables and talk to Rob and Cali about how they began their show together, what they hope to accomplish with their show and time to delve in to each of their own businesses! What is The Rob and Cali Show... Two semi-enlightened friends talk openly about life, love and the pursuit of being yourself. ROB KAYE is a life coach and radio personality in New York City. With his relaxed demeanor and
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ARCHIVED September 2, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | How To Run Your Business Remotely Using Modern Day Technology | Call us (877) 480-4120

Justin Block Co-Founder/CEO NYC public school physical education teach Turned Techie Fitness freak, Marathon runner and future triathlete Fun fact: I used to own a boa constrictor   We met in 2005 doing mortgages and have remained friends ever since. In 2014 Gary was promoting his business on Facebook and I approached him about building a platform and 2 years later we now have Raaly; the hotel tonight app for co-working space.  Raaly offers last-minute deals on co-working space. We have already received huge discounts on private office space, dedicated desks and open desks from some of NYC’s top co-working spaces such as Knotel, Workville, Cubico and The Farm. Listings on Raaly are live for only 24 hours at a time, so the deals go fast! This helps us promote great co-working spaces while helping our co-working partners move some of their surplus inventory quickly. The goal is to pass on qualified users to our co-working partners so that a long term
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ARCHIVED August 19, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | The Passionate Entrepreneur | Call us (877) 480-4120

Priya Nembhard Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Moms Pump Here D: 786.214.1618 Twitter: @priyanembhard MPH FB, Twitter & Instagram: @momspumphere DOWNLOAD THE MOMS PUMP HERE NURSING ROOM LOCATOR APP on Google Play, Apple App Store & Amazon. BIO: About Priya Nembhard It’s easy to see why people love Priya. She’s adventurous, bright, engaging and super personable. Priya is a serial entrepreneur with a flare for gab and loves talking about topics she’s passionate about. She once applied to be an astronaut with NASA, ran a couple of marathons, broke a state dead lift record when she was 17 and her life goal is to save the planet. She is DRIVEN. “All (wo)men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous(wo)men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it
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ARCHIVED August 12, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | The Cyberspace Security Age | Call us (877) 480-4120

SEC RELIANT Monica Pearson, CEO Main Office: 1271 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 4300, New York NY 10020-1309 Phone: 212.231.8477 Email: INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY is vital for successful business operations in any industry. SecReliant provides meaningful, timely IT solutions for your technology infrastructure. SEAMLESS END-TO-END SOLUTIONS We can advance your enterprise with secure end-to-end IT solutions. Our primary goal is to create a stable and secure network infrastructure for organizations that require seamless data security and business functionality with innovative and sophisticated methods. EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE – PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES The SecReliant team draws on its vast experience to strengthen business infrastructure with robust Cybersecurity, Managed Services and IT Advisory Services. Protecting digital assets is of paramount importance to many businesses and organizations. We adhere to strict compliance
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ARCHIVED August 5, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | Communications Thru Technology | Call us (877) 480-4120

Janet Gubert, President Jay Gubert, Vice President A Reliable, Easy to Use Communications Solution We provide voice services to streamline communications and reduce your costs. Our reliable easy to use solution increases your employee productivity, allowing access from anywhere, even a mobile device. With our small business roots, we built our fully featured Voice over IP (VoIP) solution with the needs of small businesses in mind. Since 1998, VirtualTone has been specializing in offering the best communication solutions for business of all sizes, including small start-ups to massive call centers. Offering a fully dedicated hosted VoIP solution, VirtualTone gives businesses the versatility and customization that comes with an on premise phone system, all at a hosted solution’s price point. VirtualTone is an affordable, user-friendly solution that will allow you to grow your business with confidence, knowing your phone system will
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ARCHIVED July 29, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | The Challenges Of Being A Young Entrepreneur | Call us (877) 480-4120

GUEST: Christopher Kelly Co-Founder & President 366 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor New York, NY 10017 888. 730. 7307 @Convene @ThoughtsOnBiz CHRIS KELLY is the President and Co-founder of CONVENE. He also founded The ReThink Forum, a multinational hybrid conference and sits on the Young Leaders Board of CoreNet New York, the leading association for corporate real estate professionals. Previously, Mr. Kelly co-founded evoJets, a leading provider of global private jet charter services and has started a number of other small business ventures in the United States, Equador, and Costa Rica. Mr. Kelly has been recognized two times in Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30” list of most promising young entrepreneurs. CONVENE is the nation’s fastest growing network of meeting, event, and conference venues that combine technology, culinary, production, and human-centered design into a transformative user experience. In partnership
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ARCHIVED July 22, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | A Discussion on Alternative Natural Medicine | Call us (877) 480-4120

Naturopathic Doctor (ND) NYC 646-450-1704 My name is Dr. Serena Goldstein and I’m here to help you restore your body’s “natural rhythm” (you know -  that thing nature has down pat, but that your body refuses to acknowledge). I’m dedicated to you because... Not so long ago I went through it ALL! And it felt like an eternity while I was in the thick of it! Middle school, high school, college, med school- nearly fainted in class from the kickboxing session in my uterus, became Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde when PMS-ing, acne temporarily tamed yet unresponsive to any prescriptions or drug store washes or cover-up, plus weight gain. My hormones had the best of me and I tried every fad under the sun to “fix it”, but my health still worsened. I was so frustrated. I saw a Naturopathic Doctor in med school to naturally heal, but deep down I really wanted a magic pill to make me beautiful, carefree, and
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ARCHIVED July 22, 2016 at 12pm- 21st CE Radio presents | How To Manage Physical Threats & Crisis in the Modern World | Call us (877) 480-4120

  A Message From Tye Farley of B. Clark Farley & Associates: I'm sure you heard about the recent shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando which was the largest massacre in US History. Patrons and business owners need to be prepared on how to handle these types of crisis because they can happen anywhere. I plan to give audience insight regarding crisis management, disaster preparedness and more.  It’s common for buildings to have emergency evaluation plans for a fire or  natural disaster. However is there a plan in place if there is an unforeseen crisis situation where it’s best to be locked-in and safe inside? What does that plan look like?  What just  happened at the Orlando nightclub or church shootings or bomb threats we hear about can happen anywhere, especially in such high populated cities such as NYC. My team of crisis management experts create crisis plans for businesses, churches, schools and work spaces and can provide details on what a
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